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Mastering for electronic music specialist for: Techno, Hip Hop, Dance, House, Chill Out, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House, but Rock, Pop and other genres too

Specialized in mastering for vinyl

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In the current market of electronic music we used to listen to tracks in compressed mp3 format by the radio, SoundCloud, Beatport, and today, we like it or not, is the benchmark for the market of music for DJs. Only for this reason that we will listen to the demos on the site are in compressed format and not for our own carelessness…

The Loudness war…
Many musicians and producers are not satisfied if their music is not “loud enough”.
You should know that even though consumers generally don’t fiddle with any settings, they do use the volume knob. If the music is too loud or annoying, they will turn down the volume. If it’s too low, they’ll want more and turn it up, even if you are a dj you could use the gain knob. If you think to sell more records by making it louder, you’re simply joining the loudness war. You will be sacrificing a lot of quality in the attempt to boost sales. Remember more louder = more destroy..  infact there are many rules that your mastering engineer knows and must respect and of course he know how to make your track louder as possible but without sacrifice of quality..