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100% analog audio mastering at affordable price

a professional analog mastering makes the difference

Mastering audio is more than just make a track that sounds louder.
The audio Mastering job is the final step in the creative process of music production. Is the last chance to emphasize the acoustic sound and correct errors.
A pro analog mastering makes the difference, the tracks will be warm, linear, depth, compressed at the right point, professional, are not binary calculations, the waveform that passes from transistors and/or valves makes really the difference, it’s a physical thing!

The service will be carried out in our mastering studio by a mastering engineer with over 10 years of experience in production and post production of electronic music.
The realization of the final master is made entirely in our studio with professional equipment, analog hardware and software professional.
In the clubmastering studio nothing is left to chance from AD-DA converters specific for mastering to the right wiring, the audio signal goes through the whole chain of mastering without any degradation, indeed ..
the climate is constant 23° to 43% humidity throughout the ‘year.
We realize Mastering for major media such as “Digital” “CD” “Vinyl”
Our approach to music is strong we are always up to date on new technologies, and continually update our set-up, all the gears we have are top of the range ..
we know this kind of music because we live it every day and know we are always in contact with producers and DJs every problem in the sector.

Try our service with no obligation, we will provide you a cut of mastered track, you will get to choose whether to buy the service or not

Stem Mastering (Stem Mixing + Mastering) infos:
We do Stem Mastering too, the stem mixing is made with daw the comp and eq are  in digital domain then digital signal is converted via Antelope Orion 32 to the analog summing box (Neumann v475-2B) inserted with analog mixbuss compression then routed to the mastering chain

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